Games and fun for kids

For our small guests we have a big and safe playground to to have a good romp. Otherwise you have the possibility to enter cost-free in the public swimming pool of Lagundo.
Enclosed you will find a selection of further activities appropriate for families:

  • Back to your grandfather’s time: wonderful ride in a coach.
  • Fun & games outdoors: on the new adventure playground in Vellau.
  • Swim & fun for keen swimmers: the outdoor swimming pool in Algund and the adventure pool Naturns.
  • Wonderful courses: lots of fun at the mini golf.
  • The ball is rolling: in the Algund bowling alleys.
  • On the back of a Hafling horse: ride on these wonderful horses.
  • Get to know the kings of the air: in the bird of prey station.
  • On the tracks of nature: a visit to the Nature Park House.
  • A hero of times gone by: check out the Andreas Hofer Museum.
  • How did Ötzi live? A visit to the Archeopark.
  • How does honey find its way into a glass? A visit to the bees’ museum.
  • Up into the world of knights: the life of a knight on the Churburg.
  • Have courage! The word is RAFTING.
  • Gardaland calling! Your kid’s dreams will come true.
  • Adventure & fun: climbing courses and paragliding.
Games and fun for kids